Whenever I try to delete any pipeline from ADF, I get following error message:

The scope '/subscriptions/<subscription_id>/resourcegroups/<RGName>/providers/Microsoft.DataFactory/datafactories/<ADF_Name>/datapipelines/HivePipe' 
cannot perform delete operation 
because following scope(s) are locked: '/subscriptions/<subscription_id>/resourceGroups/<Name of Resource Group>'. 
Please remove the lock and try again.

Can anyone guide me on how to delete unwanted pipelines using Azure portal?

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  1. Open your Azure Data Factory Blade
  2. Click "Author and Deploy" enter image description here
  3. Expand Pipelines node
  4. Right click and "Delete" the pipeline

enter image description here

Hope this helps.

It's much easier and faster to delete them using powershell. If you have dozens of pipelines, it takes lot of time to do it from the UI:-

Powershell remove pipeline reference

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