I used the sample code from this GitHub project. When I change info.Resolution == 360 to 480 or other, downloaded videos have no sound, only video. How can I correctly change the resolution of the video?

VideoInfo video = videoInfos.First(info => info.VideoType == VideoType.Mp4 && info.Resolution == 360);
var videoDownloader = new VideoDownloader(video, Path.Combine("D:/Downloads", video.Title + video.VideoExtension));

Have you considered switching to libvideo? See the comparison with YouTubeExtractor. Documentation for libvideo is available in the GitHub repo.

Your problem can be solved (providing you switch) by reading issue #31:

var videos = YouTube.Default.GetAllVideos("YOUR_URL");
var @480p = videos.FirstOrDefault(v => v.Resolution == 480);

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