I lost a day trying to figure this out, at various times getting "no decode delegate for this image format" and "The specified module could not be found" errors. The information I could find on these problems was dated in terms of version numbers, and many included instructions like overwriting the ImageMagick-installed dlls from the PECL distribution or copying dlls into windows/system32; two things I didn't want to do.

Environment: Windows 10
Wampserver: 3.0.0, Apache/2.4.17 (Win64) PHP/5.6.16

  1. Downloaded and installed latest ImageMagick:

  2. Downloaded php_imagick-3.4.3rc1-5.6-ts-vc11-x64 from http://windows.php.net/downloads/pecl/releases/imagick/3.4.3rc1/

  3. Unpacked php_imagick.dll into [wampserver directory]\bin\php\php5.6.16\ext

  4. Added extension=php_imagick.dll to
    [wampserver directory]\bin\apache\apache2.4.17\bin\php.ini

  5. Got "no decode delegate for this image format" error, but at least imagick showed up in phpinfo() where I could see that php_imagick.dll was compiled with ImageMagick 6.9.3-7 Q16 x64. There was no obvious way to know this beforehand.

  6. Downloaded ImageMagick-6.9.3-7-Q16-x64-dll.exe from http://ftp.icm.edu.pl/packages/ImageMagick/binaries/ (ImageMagick has removed this package from their site).

  7. Uninstalled ImageMagick-7.0.2-0-Q16-x64,
    installed ImageMagick-6.9.3-7-Q16-x64 to c:\ImageMagick,
    added c:\ImageMagick to PATH (in front, to avoid collision with windows convert.exe).

  8. Verified everything ok with:

     $image = new Imagick();
     $image->readImage([path to my jpeg]);
     $wm = new Imagick();
     $wm->readImage([path to my watermark png]);
     $image->compositeImage($wm, imagick::COMPOSITE_OVER, 5, 5);
     header("Content-Type: image/jpeg");
     echo $image;
  • Thank you! I kept getting "PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library 'c:/wamp64/bin/php/php5.6.25/ext/php_imagick.dll' - The specified module could not be found. in Unknown on line 0" errors until I uninstalled 7.0 and installed 6.9.3 per your instructions. It's working now. – Artem Russakovskii Mar 6 '17 at 18:04

I have tried a lot of things. What has done the trick was to add at the end of active php.ini lines :


Credit : http://www.devside.net/wamp-server/installing-and-using-imagemagick-with-imagick-php-extension-php_imagick-dll-on-wamp

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