I am trying to export a data.frame to a csv with utf-8 encoding. I have tried generating the file with write.csv with no success and the help(write.csv) did not mention any specific advice on creating that specific output. Here is my current export line.

write.csv(prod_out, file="product_output.csv",append=FALSE,eol="\r")

Any advice you can offer is appreciated.


Try opening a UTF8 connection:

  • I think it should better be "UTF-8". From the manual: Encoding names "utf8", "mac" and "macroman" are not portable, and not supported on all current R platforms. "UTF-8" is portable and "macintosh" is the official (and most widely supported) name for ‘Mac Roman’. – user1322720 Mar 16 '16 at 15:00
  • Thank you!! Worked for me with .txt files as well. – Anastasia Pupynina Jun 1 '18 at 14:25

This question is pretty old - I guess things have changed a lot since 2010. Anyway, I just came across this post and I happen to know the solution. You just add fileEncoding = "UTF-8" option directly to write.csv.

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