Here are the docs for git clone


Normally we clone a repo like so

git clone x

however, I want to rename the repository locally, so it would be something akin to

git clone x as y

looking at the docs, it's not clear if this is possible or kosher, does anyone know how to do this?

it looks like this works:

git clone x y

according to the docs:


    The (possibly remote) repository to clone from. See the URLS section below for more information on specifying repositories.

    The name of a new directory to clone into. The "humanish" part of the source repository is used if no directory is explicitly given (repo for /path/to/repo.git and foo for host.xz:foo/.git). Cloning into an existing directory is only allowed if the directory is empty.

Yes it is, it's the very last parameter (directory) in the documentation.

git clone your.reporitory yourownname

Other than that, there is nothing you need to do. A git-repository does not have a name other than the directory it resides in.


That would be renaming the repo folder. That is, after cloning you will do:

mv x y

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