I have an entity with a Map<String,string> of specifications:

class Product {
    Map<String, String> specifications;

I have to create a custom query with 2 parameters (key, value) that will fetch all products where specifications with key equals some value.

For example, fetch products with color red (pseudo code):

loop through products;
fetch product;
join specifications;
get value by key 'color' and compare it to given value 'red'; add to output if true; next product;

I tried this query:

@Query("SELECT p FROM Products p LEFT JOIN FETCH p.specifications, p.reviews WHERE p.specifications.?1 = ?2")

But obviously, it doesn't work.

  • "it didn't work". "obviously". You're really telling us a lot there. "d.specifications.?1" is clearly invalid JPQL. Commented Jun 20, 2016 at 18:36

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One working solution is as below :

SELECT p FROM Product p LEFT JOIN p.specifications, p.reviews m
where ( KEY(m) = :1 and :2 in (VALUE(m)) )

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