I am trying to add menu in my application which I found, when it works if it extends AppCompatActivity, but not if it extends Activity. Is it menu is not anything available in Activity? People say Activity is basic where AppCompatActivity is something developed later, is there any good reason I should use Activity instead of AppCompatActivity? As AppCompatActivity is the default but in my learning it recommended be to choose Activity, but I found problem in creating the menu (action bar), please help!


ActionbarActivity is the old name of the base activity from appcompat-v7. For various reasons, they wanted to change the name. Unless some third-party library you are using insists upon an ActionBarActivity, you should prefer AppCompatActivity over ActionBarActivity. Main use of AppComaptActivity in Android. -->AppcompatActivity is basically provide support for ActionBar in android. --> It also provide support for Material Design look. --> It is also provide to backport to lower version for ActionBar. So according to me it good to use AppCompactActivity over ActionbarActivity.

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As this answer What's the enhancement of AppCompatActivity over ActionBarActivity? explains, unless you're targeting API levels older than 11, you should probably use AppCompatActivity. If you are however, only targeting API levels above that, you should be fine just using Activity, since the newer versions have everything you need to create the menu on the ActionBar.

Hope it helps

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