I'm getting the error listed below from Angular 1.5.7 on IE11. Angular IS NOT throwing any errors on Chrome. I tried the following:

  • I've seen posts suggesting this is related to the interpolated values such as "{{model.label}}", so I added an ng-if to that, but it did not help.
  • Upgraded to the latest Angular: 1.5.7.
  • Upgraded jquery since I see that listed in the error stack.

     Error: Invalid argument.
       at interpolateFnWatchAction (http://localhost:8080/mdp-js/app/assets/angular/angular.js:9621:17)
       at interpolateFnWatcher (http://localhost:8080/mdp-js/app/assets/angular/angular.js:12295:17)
       at watchGroupAction (http://localhost:8080/mdp-js/app/assets/angular/angular.js:16952:13)
       at Scope.prototype.$digest (http://localhost:8080/mdp-js/app/assets/angular/angular.js:17286:23)
       at Scope.prototype.$apply (http://localhost:8080/mdp-js/app/assets/angular/angular.js:17552:13)
       at Anonymous function (http://localhost:8080/mdp-js/app/assets/angular/angular.js:17850:11)
       at completeOutstandingRequest (http://localhost:8080/mdp-js/app/assets/angular/angular.js:5955:7)
       at Anonymous function (http://localhost:8080/mdp-js/app/assets/angular/angular.js:6234:7) undefined
  • In wich directive are you using "{{model.label}}"? – adolfosrs Jun 21 '16 at 14:41
  • See my answer below. It was from the Angular Block UI directive. – Mr Smith Jun 21 '16 at 16:35

This is an Angular known issue as you can see in this thread.

As suggested, when using directives such as ng-placeholder or ng-style you can workaround with ng-attr-placeholder or ng-attr-style.

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For the record, this error was being caused by the Angular Block UI directive: https://github.com/McNull/angular-block-ui . I removed that directive & the error stopped.

  • If you downvote, you should at least put a comment explaining what is wrong. This downvoter should get downvoted too. – El Mac May 11 at 9:15
  • Thank you, I agree :) – Mr Smith May 11 at 13:23

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