I have a docker-compose.yml file with the following content:

version: '2'

   image: mongo

   build: ./Parrot-API
   image: sails-js:dev
    - "/user/Code/node/Parrot-API:/host"
   command: bash -c "cd /host && sails lift"
    - MongoDB:MongoDB
    - "3050:1337"

The file basically runs two containers: mongodb and web app (in directory ./Parrot-API) built in sails.js. However, when I run docker-compose up in the terminal, I got this error: Parrot-API_1 | bash: sails: command not found node_Parrot-API_1 exited with code 127. Note that sails.js is a node.js web framework, and sails lift starts the app at port 1337.

I have done some google search and have found some similar questions, but not helpful in my case.

btw, I have the following Dockerfile in the Parrot-API folder:

FROM sails-js:dev
VOLUME /host
RUN rm -rf node_modules && \
        echo "hello world!" && \
        pwd && \
        ls -lrah
CMD npm install -g sails && npm install && sails lift

The file structure is following:

|- docker-compose.yml
|- Parrot-API/Dockerfile
|- Parrot-API/app.js, etc..

It is clear to me that the Parrot-API docker container exits immediately due to the reason that sails lift command is not executed, but how to make the container work? Thanks!


You showed a docker-compose.yml that builds a sails-js:dev image, and you showed a Dockerfile that is based on the sails-js:dev image. This appears to be recursive.

Your Dockerfile itself ends with a CMD in lieu of an ENTRYPOINT that does the npm install of sails. Since you did this as a CMD instead of a RUN, sails is not installed in your image, the install is launched on a container run, but only if you don't run the container with any arguments of your own, like you are doing in the docker-compose.yml with a custom command.

The fix is to update the Dockerfile with a proper base image and change the CMD to a RUN. I'm also seeing a few other mistakes like creating a volume and then modifying the contents, where volumes ignore other changes after they have been created. The FROM node is just a guess based on your npm commands, feel free to adjust:

FROM node
RUN mkdir -p /host && cd /host && npm install -g sails && npm install
VOLUME /host
CMD sails lift

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