Here is my code

 $users = DB::table('users')->insert(array(
            'email_id' => $email_id,
            'name' => $name,

         $lastInsertedID = $users->lastInsertId();

         return $lastInsertedID;

I want to get last inserted id for particular record. I have tried using Eloquent ORM. but it didn't work.

Any help would be grateful.

Thank You.


Use insertGetId()

$id = DB::table('users')-> insertGetId(array(
        'email_id' => $email_id,
        'name' => $name,

Follow the code to get last inserted id by using ->insert()

$lastInsertedID = DB::table('users')
                     ->insert( array(
                                   'email_id' => $email_id,
                                   'name' => $name

Do you mean you inserted record id? You can get the following way:


$user  = new User;
$user->name = $request->name;
$user->email = $request->email;
    echo "User's record id is ".$user->id; *//$user->id is your lastest record id*

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