I'm trying to use the following URL to create an object from a bookmarklet:


but it takes me to the index action. How do I get it to point to the create action? I know that both index and create share the same URL, using GET and POST respectively, but I'm not sure how to specify which to use from a URL. Thanks for reading.


I'm not sure, but... I think that Rails 3 uses different approach than @FRKT's answer. If you create link_to 'whatever', new_somethings_path, :method => :post it just add some HTML 5 fields:

<a href="/somethings" data-method="post" rel="nofollow">whatever</a> 

and it uses js to create a form and submit it. Here is some js code from rails.js:

function handleMethod(element) {
  var method = element.readAttribute('data-method'),
    url = element.readAttribute('href'),
    csrf_param = $$('meta[name=csrf-param]')[0],
    csrf_token = $$('meta[name=csrf-token]')[0];

  var form = new Element('form', { method: "POST", action: url, style: "display: none;" });

  if (method !== 'post') {
    var field = new Element('input', { type: 'hidden', name: '_method', value: method });

  if (csrf_param) {
    var param = csrf_param.readAttribute('content'),
      token = csrf_token.readAttribute('content'),
      field = new Element('input', { type: 'hidden', name: param, value: token });


So I think that _method in params would not work.

So what you can do?

In index action just add some params checking:

def index
  if params[:title] 
    @post = Post.new :title => params[:title], :body => params[:body]
    if @post.save
      ...  # successful save
      ...  # validation error

  ... # put normal index code here

You can put all createing and saveing object stuff in other method, so your index controller may look cleaner.

You can also create a custom route for this purpose and custom action:

# routes 
match 'bookmarklet' => 'posts#bookmarklet'

Then put above code from index action to bookmarklet action in posts controller.

  • That doesn't sound very much in the spirit of REST though. – Joost Schuur Sep 28 '10 at 11:49
  • @Joost: In order to stay in "REST spirit" he should create a form, not a link. I personaly like REST when it solves my problems, if not do something else. – klew Sep 28 '10 at 19:28
  • Agreed. I was wondering if this is a scenario where the bookmark model (with the inability to use the new unobtrusive form approach to POST) and the deprecation of _method makes it impossible to take a proper REST approach here, or we simply haven't found one yet. – Joost Schuur Sep 28 '10 at 21:15
  • @Joost: to stay REST we can also change Rails default route for create action. Just add match 'somethings/create' => 'posts#create' or any similar with using resources in routes. – klew Sep 28 '10 at 21:25

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