There is an article here for MS Office 2003 http://metrix.fcny.org/wiki/display/tips/How+to+Create+a+Microsoft+Access+Client+for+a+SOAP-based+Web+Service+API

When I tried to install http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?FamilyID=fa36018a-e1cf-48a3-9b35-169d819ecf18&DisplayLang=en it says it requires Office 2003 whereas I have Office 2007 and I can't find update for Office 2007 ?

Does it exist if not how do I access a soap webservice from VBA ?

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I believe the Web Services Toolkit used the SOAP toolkit, which is no longer supported. However, there are a couple of options available, which include:

  • XMLHTTP - Relies on WinInet.
  • ServerXMLHTTP - Offers much of the same functionality as XMLHTTP, but does not rely on WinInet. See the FAQ for more information.
  • Managed Code - Using .NET utilizing VSTO or an Excel Workbook project.

Here are a few examples.





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