I have added a event to my mySQL db and it works fine, but the thing that is bothering me is that every now and then I have to set the mysql global variable to 1 so that my event is active.I log in as root user and have complete privileges (I use it for practice purpose)

Every time I log in to my mysql server I have to execute the following line

__set global event_scheduler=1__

can I set the event_scheduler variable permanently to 1? I'm using mysql 5.1.50 - community


Yes, write event_scheduler=on somewhere under the [mysqld] section in the default mysql config file, usually /etc/my.cnf


If you are using WAMP :

Open its control panel by clicking on the WAMP icon -> mysql-> my.ini

Its location may be at:


Add EVENT_SCHEDULER=ON under [mysqld] - not [mysql] notice the "d" for daemon. Another tip to ascertain where you're adding is where your (default) server port is specified.


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