I'm working on an android app and Realm, and I need to create an enum attribute for one of my objects; but I discovered in this post that Realm doesn't support enum yet.

My object is like this:

public class ShuttleOption extends RealmObject {
    private int Id;
    private String Label;
    private ShuttleTypes OriginShuttleType;

and my enum class (ShuttleTypes) corresponds with:

HOME = 1;  


WORK = 2;

Can anybody suggest me how to do it?

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You can use the pattern described in the issue: https://github.com/realm/realm-java/issues/776#issuecomment-190147079

Basically save it as a String in Realm and convert it going in and out:

public enum MyEnum {

public class Foo extends RealmObject {
  private String enumDescription;

  public void saveEnum(MyEnum val) {
    this.enumDescription = val.toString();

  public MyEnum getEnum() {
    return MyEnum.valueOf(enumDescription);

If you need a solution that works on Kotlin you can use the following:

open class Foo: RealmObject() {
    var enum: MyEnum
        get() { return MyEnum.valueOf(enumDescription) }
        set(newMyEum) { enumDescription = newMyEnum.name }
    private var enumDescription: String = MyEnum.FOO.name

MyEnum is the enum declared in @ChristianMelchior answer.

It is worth mentioning that since enum doesn't have a backing field,it won't be persisted into Realm. There is no need to use the @Ignore annotation on it


i created a Kotlin delegate, which means a little less repitition


open class SomeDbModel : RealmObject() {

    var variableEnum: MyEnum by enum(::variable)
    private var variable: String = MyEnum.Default.name

delegate implementation:

package com.github.ericytsang

import kotlin.properties.ReadWriteProperty
import kotlin.reflect.KClass
import kotlin.reflect.KMutableProperty0
import kotlin.reflect.KProperty

inline fun <R, reified T : Enum<T>> enum(
    backingField: KMutableProperty0<Int>
) = OrdinalToEnumDelegate<R, T>(T::class, backingField)

val <T : Enum<T>> KClass<out T>.enumValues get() = java.enumConstants!!.toList()

class StringToEnumDelegate<R, T : Enum<T>>(

     * enum class to convert the ordinal values in [backingField] to.
    enumClass: KClass<T>,

     * the property containing [T]'s ordinal value.
    private val backingField: KMutableProperty0<String>

) : ReadWriteProperty<R, T> {

    private val enumValues = enumClass.enumValues.associateBy { it.name }

    override fun getValue(thisRef: R, property: KProperty<*>): T {
        return enumValues[backingField.get()]
            ?: error("no corresponding enum found for ${backingField.get()} in ${enumValues.keys}")

    override fun setValue(thisRef: R, property: KProperty<*>, value: T) {

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