I am programming a single cycle MIPS CPU and I am confused how the branch address is computed. Given this MIPS datapath diagram

enter image description here

Why is it that after the sign extend and shift left by two, the address is added by PC+4?

My main question is when I do the

 SignExtImm(instruction.imm) << 2 + (PC + 4)

I would be off by one instruction. Looking at my MIPS assembly Fibonacci test case that I wrote:

[0x004000a0]    0x00112020  add $4, $0, $17        <-- # loop label here
[0x004000a4]    0x0c100002  jal 0x00400008 [fib] 
[0x004000a8]    0x00000000  nop                  
[0x004000ac]    0x00029821  addu $19, $0, $2     
[0x004000b0]    0x22310001  addi $17, $17, 1     
[0x004000b4]    0x1632fffb  bne $17, $18, -20 [loop-0x004000b4];
[0x004000b8]    0x00000000  nop                             

Say I am at 0x004000b4 and the branch is taken

The instruction is 0x1632fffb

So imm val := 0xFFFB and PC+4 := 0x004000B8

sign extend imm val ==> 0xFFFFFFFB

shift left by 2 ==> 0xFFFFFFEC

then 0xFFFFFFEC + 0x004000B8 ==> 0x1004000A4 ==> 0x004000A4

but my loop starts at 0x004000A0

If I follow that MIPS datapath diagram, I am unable to calculate the correct branch address.

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    Your code is broken, your calculation is right. I have assembled that code and I get an offset of 0xFFFA as expected. Presumably the loop label is on the jal not the add. This is further indicated by the presence of the nop which would otherwise not be emitted. – Jester Jun 25 '16 at 13:16
  • Are you using PCSpim? I get the correct offset of 0xFFFA if I turn on Delayed Branches, but I am not allowed to do that. – Sugihara Jun 25 '16 at 13:25
  • @Jester, the loop label is on the add – Sugihara Jun 25 '16 at 13:27
  • Playing with delayed branches doesn't change the code as shown which already has the nop instructions visible. The offset in the bne will change depending whether those nop instructions are inserted or not, depending on the delayed branches, but in all cases, the offset should be correct. In the code shown, it's wrong. – Jester Jun 25 '16 at 13:58
  • why at datapath if I was in specific stage then we are assume it's done? I mean lets assume I have lw and add, then for doing add I must wait for lw till it arrives to WB stage.. why we are not waiting after WB ? because WB mean we are writing into register but we at stage WB we are still writing . – Ryan Feb 16 '19 at 20:34

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