I am trying to create date-partitioned + template tables in BigQuery:

  1. Create base table using bq mk --time_partitioning_type=DAY myapp.customer
  2. Call API insertAll with "tableId": "customer", "templateSuffix": "_activated"

The resulting customer_activated table inherits the schema of the customer table, but has no timePartitioning.

How can I ensure template tables inherit the time partitioning of the base table?


Streaming APIs do not yet support date-partitioning
Your option is to use load job with the partition as the destination for initial population and then just use streaming directly to the table (without using partitions) and let bigquery infer the partition timestamp

Otherwise you should wait when streaming will support date-partitioning which Google Team mentioned to happen in near future


Since around mid-2017 BigQuery supports Streaming into partitioned tables

  • Do you know the current status of streaming supporting date-partitioning (as of July 2017)? – Brian Leach Jul 19 '17 at 16:34
  • @BrianLeach - it is supported now - with some limitations - When streaming using a partition decorator, you can stream to partitions within the last 30 days in the past and 5 days in the future relative to the current date, based on current UTC time - cloud.google.com/bigquery/… . btw, consider voting up this answer as looks like it helped you (I think) to find what you were looking for :o) – Mikhail Berlyant Jul 19 '17 at 16:49
  • Happy to upvote the answer, please consider editing it to reflect the current state of the library – Brian Leach Jul 19 '17 at 20:13

For people coming here in the future, the accepted answer is outdated. BigQuery Streaming APIs support date-partition tables now, both to the table and to a specific partition

Link to docs

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