I'm using dynamically compiled and loaded libraries. My go to solution for making this easier on me was just to create a bash code that I call to compile everything, but I'm currently working on porting this to Windows and I'm not sure how to achieve the same result.

Also, it's a QT application, so usage of qmake instead of g++ is required.

Code I'm executing: (I always supply this with an argument of the file name)

#! /bin/bash

cd "${0%/*}";
if [ $# = 0  ]; then echo "Error: No Arguments Supplied"; exit 7; fi;
if ! [ -a "$1.cc" ]; then echo "Error: Invalid Arguments Supplied"; exit 7; fi;

rm -f "$1.so";

cp template.pro tmp.pro;
echo "QT += widgets" >> tmp.pro;
echo "SOURCES += $1.cc" >> tmp.pro;
echo "CONFIG += c++11" >> tmp.pro;

qmake -norecursive tmp.pro;
mv libtmp.so.1.0.0 "$1.so";

rm -f Makefile tmp.pro *.o;
find . -name 'libtmp.so*' -delete;

First, you'll need to install bash on Windows machine. Read here or here for example (I believe there are many other sources where you can read about executing bash script on Windows)

Second, unfortunately your template.pro and tmp.pro files will not be compatible between Linux (or Unix) and Windows. Most obvious example from your code is libtmp.so - on Windows libraries will have different names and extension .dll, but there will be other differences as well.

You'll need to use conditions in your .pro files:

# Windows section:
win32 {
# pro text for Windows here

# Linux/Unix section
unix {
# pro text for Linux/Unix here

# possible common part here
  • Thanks for the suggestion on .pro file. I would rather not have to install anything new on the machines, I'm trying to make this portable - It's a school project and they told us kinda late that It has to be run on windows. – areuz Jun 26 '16 at 16:03
  • I am not sure you can write a script that will be "ready to use" on all "naked" Windows and Linux machines (i.e. without additional software installed). At least I don't know about any scripting language supported by both systems "out of box". I am afraid you'll need to write your small software (probably using Qt) and build it for Linux and for Windows – mvidelgauz Jun 26 '16 at 16:08

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