Does anyone know how to do a simple select * from table in greenDAO and place it into an entity? I have done some research on this and I am unable to get any simple example. This is what I have so far:

public void storeAppTimeUsageData(AppTimeUsage stats) {
    List<AppTimeUsage> items = new ArrayList<>();
    //appTimeUsageDao = DeviceInsightApp.getSession(this, true).getAppTimeUsageDao();
    try {
        // master
    //} catch (IOException e) {
    } catch (Exception e) {
        Log.e("Error", "Some exception occurred", e);
        Log.e("APP_TAG", "STACKTRACE");
        Log.e("APP_TAG", Log.getStackTraceString(e));
    String sql = "SELECT * FROM APP_TIME_USAGE ";
    Cursor c = appTimeUsageDao.getDatabase().rawQuery(sql, null);
    int offset = 0;
    int d ;
    int cd ;
    String e = "";
    while (c.moveToNext()) {
        AppTimeUsage atu AppTimeUsage(
            //long b =   c.getInt(0);
            d = c.getInt(2);
            e = c.getString(3);

GreenDAO already comes with a built-in method for achieve this task. In your case:

List<AppTimeUsage> items = appTimeUsageDao.loadAll();

This will select all records from APP_TIME_USAGE and return a List<AppTimeUsage> containing the entities.

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