(1) I need to install pyzipcode. But whenever I execute command conda install pyzipcode it gives

Syntax Error: Missing parenthesis in call to 'print'.

I am using Python3. I downloaded file from http://pypi.python.org/pypi/pyzipcod, but that didn't work either.

(2) I tried using pip command as well from https://anaconda.org/search?q=pyzipcode

Firstly it asked *is sphinx installed? If not try, sudo easy_install sphinx. Then it gave Syntax error: Missing parenthesis in call to 'print'. Whereas I have already installed sphinx.

(3)Then I tried to install with conda install -c aaron2 pyzipcode=0.4 Again failed and gave the error: package missing in current win-64 channels: pyzipcode 0.4"

Would somebody please help me out with pyzipcode installation?

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  • Although Python comes up in DS, it is a more general tool, and this is more an installation question even than usage. Better for SO. – Sean Owen Jun 26 '16 at 21:59

The error Missing parenthesis in call to 'print'. indicates you are using a python 2.x installation in python 3. Try uninstalling the current Sphinx and re-installing from http://www.sphinx-doc.org/en/stable/install.html

If using pip, use pip3, which is for python 3.x

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  • I tried using pip3, again same error message: Missing parenthesis in call to 'print'. So should I uninstall python 2.7 ? Then would I be able to successfully install pyzipcode ? – DS_DS Jun 26 '16 at 19:38
  • Uninstall sphinx from python 2 and do some research to ensure sphinx actually works with python3. It looks like it doesn't so consider doing your project in python 2.x – Emre Jun 26 '16 at 19:50

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