I've the following Pig Script:

   I'm trying with this:

Source_Data = LOAD '/user/cloudera/Source_Data/' using PigStorage('\t','-tagFile'); Data_Schema = FOREACH Source_Data GENERATE ( (chararray)$1 AS Date, (chararray)$2 AS ID, (chararray)$3 AS Interval, (chararray)$4 AS Code, (chararray)$5 AS S_In_Activity, (chararray)$6 AS S_Out_Activity, (chararray)$7 AS C_In_Activity, (chararray)$8 AS C_Out_Activity, (chararray)$9 AS Traffic_Activity); STORE Data_Schema INTO '/user/cloudera/Source_Data/New_Data/' USING PigStorage('\t');

Here is a row of my source data:

11300 1387926000000 76 1.8190562337403677 0.9613115354827483 330.0372865843317554633 0.1161754442265068633 11.04195619825027733

But I'm getting error when I execute the code but If I remove the last part to define the schema it gives me successfully. Note that the first column was inserted by the Pig Statement.


You basically answer yourself the question in the last sentence. You can not declare schema when using STORE operator. According to the official doc:

STORE alias INTO 'directory' [USING function];

In your case it will be simply:

Data = LOAD '/user/cloudera/Source' using PigStorage('\t','-tagFile'); 

Data_prestage = FOREACH Data GENERATE (
(chararray)$1 AS Filename, 
(chararray)$2 AS CCode, 
(chararray)$3 AS SCode, 
(chararray)$4 AS In_Act,
(chararray)$5 AS Out_Act,
(chararray)$6 AS In_Act1;

STORE Data_prestage INTO '/user/cloudera/Source/Data2/' USING PigStorage('\t');

Also if you do not plan on doing any manipulation with the data you might think of using STREAM instead.

  • Many thanks for your response! It still gives me an error probably I need to use Python to do modify this data in HDFS – SaCvP Jun 27 '16 at 16:04
  • I have modified an answer. When you use tagFie option the order of the columns is switched so I had to start count from $1 instead of $0. Also remove whitespace and replace it with tab('\t'). Also try to run your job with -ColumnMapKeyPrune option. – madbitloman Jun 27 '16 at 17:18

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