i'm having some problem querying my data with firebase.

I have the below structure enter image description here

The user has some pets and i want to get a list of all pets the user has in the pets node. I did the following approach:

for (let petUID in this.user.pets) {
   this.af.database.object("/pets/" + petUID ).subscribe(data => {

At the end i get all the pets in my ownPets variable. But it just like awkward to me this approach.

If any data is updated in the pets node from a pet that is inside the ownPets array, this pet is pushed again and i get the outdated and the new pet inside the ownPets.

I tried another approach: use the query method and send an array of objects in the equalTo but i get an error saying i can't send an array of objects.

this.af.database.list('/pets', {
    query: {
      orderByChild: "name",
      equalTo: ["pet1", "pet2"]
  }).subscribe (data => {

Anyone have a better approach i can use? Thanks

  • I might be misunderstanding something, but why don't you just create a temp array and push the new data into that and then simply this.ownPets = newData? – John Smith Jul 18 '16 at 20:23

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