This is with VS and TFS 2010. I have multiple TFS servers and multiple collections. When I launch VS, it connects to the "last used" collection. If I had multiple instances of VS open, connected to different collections, whichever exits last appears to "win" as the last used collection. This is annoying.

Really what I want is multiple desktop shortcuts, each set up to force Team Explorer to connect to a specific collection at start-up.

Is this possible?


I don't have the precise solution you asked for, but I feel your pain and this is what I use.

Download and install the Team Foundation Power Tools.

From a Visual Studio Command Prompt run the following command:

tfpt connections

Uncheck the 'Automatically reconnect to last server on startup' checkbox, and close the tool.

Then create a shortcut on your desktop as follows:

devenv /Command Team.ConnecttoTeamFoundationServer

This will open the 'Connect to Team Foundation Server' dialog on startup, where you can then select a server/collection/project from the dialog. It saves the 'wait for connect', 'disconnect', 'choose server' dance.


In newer versions of Visual Studio there is this option which will automatically hide or show Team Explorer on Startup:

Help -> Manage Visual Studio Performance -> Tool Windows -> Start Up

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

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