My problem is the following :

I update the setting "log_min_duration_statement" described as an integer in postgreSQL documentation (version 9.5 is used). I use the following query to update it : "SET log_min_duration_statement to [numberOfMilliseconds]"

When I try to fetch the updated value I get a duration string formatted either in milliseconds (like "250ms") or in seconds (like "10s"). I use "SHOW log_min_duration_statement" to retrieve the value. I would like to retrieve that value as an integer representing milliseconds instead of having it formatted as text with varying units.

Does anyone know about a way to do that ?

Thanks a lot for your time !

  • Thank you, this works fine and is what I was hoping for. If you make it an answer I will accept it. – xte Jun 28 '16 at 10:53

SHOW log_min_duration_statement returns the text value in the interval type input compatible form.

So it can be converted to the interval type but it is impossible using SHOW command. So lets use current_setting function instead:

select current_setting('log_min_duration_statement')::interval;

Then to convert interval into milliseconds:

select extract(epoch from current_setting('log_min_duration_statement')::interval) * 1000;
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