I am experiencing serious issues with Android 6.0 and some devices with Bluetooth Low Energy. One of those conflictive devices is this one:

Name:         Samsung Galaxy SV  
Model number: SM-G900V  
Android vers: 6.0.1  
Patch level:  May 1, 2016  
Hard. vers:   G900V.05  

If I make some stress test based on connecting and disconnecting the app to a BLE peripheral the success ratio barely reaches 50%.

Reading the latest documentation of Android, they recommend to specify the transport mode in the last parameter of connectGatt method to enforce BLE transport connectivity instead of BR/EDR:

device.connectGatt(this, false, mGattCallback, BluetoothDevice.TRANSPORT_LE);

Nothing changed with this improvement.

Following some suggestions and also reading about BLE connectivity issues, I found several related issues with Samsung Galaxy S6 and in one of those they suggested a series of steps to fix BLE connectivity problems. The key one was to clear Bluetooth Share system app data. Doing so, connectivity ratio increased in almost 100% of success immediately. However, if you wait and play with some other BLE apps and connect to other peripherals the problem will be back sooner or later.

There are some apps in Google Play that tries to fix these BLE issues and what they basically do is:

/system/bin/rm -r /data/misc/bluetoothd/*
/system/bin/rm -r /data/misc/hcid/*

Although it is a way to clear bluetooth cache, it requires the device to be rooted which is not a reasonable solution for professional apps.

None of the private Android API's I researched helped me to solve this issue, and the only similar one I found was to enforce service discovery cache cleanup which has nothing to do with the issue.

Using a BLE packet sniffer I see that the ADV_CONNECT_REQ is not even sent from the device to the peripheral, and after a while the Android stack triggers the STATE_DISCONNECTED event in BluetoothGattCallback.

I don't exactly know why this problem occurs in some 6.0 devices and not in others since Bluetooth Share cache seems to be the problem. What is exactly stored there? Just previously connected/paired devices? Am I the only one experiencing this issue? If not, how do you guys tackle it? I would hate to instruct final users on how to Clear Bluetooth Share app Data.

  • Tested this on S6 edge and I can confirm, clearing Bluetooth Share cache and data helped it connect without the need to pass BluetoothDevice.TRANSPORT_LE parameter. I am lost as to why this happens also. Before clearing the cache, it did not connect at all. – Can Canbek Jul 25 '16 at 12:51
  • It's good yo know I'm not the only one. Thanks fíe the feedback @CanCanbek , hope someone can help us. – GoRoS Jul 25 '16 at 19:12
  • I read the contents of the above, I understand the general idea of the you mean, in the 6.0 system on S6 edge, after the implementation of the connectGatt() function, executive to the cache operation, can ensure the normal phones and communications equipment, there will be no delay. Is that what it means?@Can Canbek – amibition Aug 16 '16 at 9:39
  • I don't have a perfect solution but found that calling gatt dispose and setting it to null at least reduces this problem to some extent. – user2107373 Sep 1 '16 at 11:09
  • I have a Moto X Play on which BLE device discovery was working well with Android 5.1.1. Post update to Android 6.0, its unable to discover BLE devices. I too need a solution. In the App, I call mBtAdapter.startLeScan(mLeScanCallback). The callback is not seen to be invoked. I see from Android Doc that startLeScan method was deprecated in API level 21. – Padmanabha Sep 6 '16 at 8:01

There is hidden method called "removeBond". Sometimes, ble devices cannot be disconnected clearly, in that case you need to call remove bond.

Codes from here

   //remove authrization 
   Method method = null; 
   try { 
       method = gatt.getDevice().getClass().getMethod("removeBond", (Class[]) null); 
       method.invoke(gatt.getDevice(), (Object[]) null); 
   } catch (Exception e) { 

Additionally, you can refresh gatt services using hidden method "refresh". Originally refresh method is for update gatt services, but in some cases of unwanted disconnection, you may need to refresh to connect your gatt service correctly.

How to programmatically force bluetooth low energy service discovery on Android without using cache

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