How I can import Bootstrap 3 grid and navbar to my .sass file?

I tried:

@import bootstrap/variables
@import bootstrap/mixins
//@import bootstrap/mixins/grid-framework
//@import bootstrap/mixins/grid
@import bootstrap/normalize
@import bootstrap/scaffolding
@import bootstrap/print
@import bootstrap/type
@import bootstrap/grid
@import bootstrap/responsive-utilities
@import bootstrap/navbar

But I get an error:

Error: No mixin named form-inline

What is correct way to import a Bootstrap 3 (bootstrap-sass) grid and navbar to my project?

I can't find all mixins manually, that's why I need to import mixins.scss file..


I have only had luck importing it the entire suite of sass files, and then commenting out components I know I'm not using in the _bootstrap.scss. You may end up with more than you like to prevent errors.

From the bootstrap SASS github:

By default all of Bootstrap is imported.

You can also import components explicitly. To start with a full list of modules copy _bootstrap.scss file into your assets as _bootstrap-custom.scss. Then comment out components you do not want from _bootstrap-custom. In the application Sass file, replace @import 'bootstrap' with:

@import 'bootstrap-custom';

  • Importing _bootstrap, but when I trying to import only components what i would actually use, then it is a total headache for me ("no mixin named xxxxx" etc).. Or what is the best practice? Importing _bootstrap.scss and commenting out components, what i don't use? Actually it's same, yes.
    – Chalic
    Jun 28 '16 at 17:44
  • You are safest to start with the whole suite, then comment out components you know you aren't using. I usually comment out a few, test it out, comment out a few more until errors appear. It isn't ideal :) But I do believe bootstrap 4 is switching completely to SASS, so maybe it will improve in the future.
    – Katie
    Jun 28 '16 at 17:50

The correct answer is not add the whole library. You need to include _forms.css to get the form-inline mixin.

@import bootstrap/_forms;

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