I want to automate the release for my xamarin iOS and android apps into the stores. I was wondering, if I can use fast lane tools via VSTS to do it.

Right now I directly add the playstore step in VSTS to deploy the android app into playstore. But, I want to make use of snapshot,snap grab, spaceship, supply and various other fastlane tools. Is it possible? If yes can anyone provide steps of how to do it? I tried searching the marketplace in vsts but the fastlane tools are not available.



FYI, VSTS released extensions to release iOS app on App Store or test flights.



Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and Team Foundation Server (TFS) use fastlane in their Apple App Store extension.

Getting Started

Once you have created or retrieved credentials for your App Store account, then perform the following steps to automate releasing updates from a VSTS build or release definition:

  1. Install the App Store extension from the VSTS Marketplace
  2. Go to your VSTS or TFS project, click on the Build tab, and create a new build definition (the "+" icon) that is hooked up to your project's appropriate source repo
  3. Click Add build step... and select the necessary tasks to generate your release assets (e.g. Gulp, Cordova Build)
  4. Click Add build step... and select App Store Release from the Deploy category
  5. Configure the App Store Release task with the desired authentication method, the generated IPA file path, and the desired release track.

Now when you build, your app will automatically be published to iTunes Connect!

Fastlane Docs

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