How can I convert a ipv4 subnet mask to cidr notation using netaddr library?
Example: to /24

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    Give it a try and show us what you've done/attempted. – TemporalWolf Jun 28 '16 at 20:21

Using netaddr:

>>> from netaddr import IPAddress
>>> IPAddress('').netmask_bits()

Using ipaddress from stdlib:

>>> from ipaddress import IPv4Network
>>> IPv4Network('').prefixlen

You can also do it without using any libraries: just count 1-bits in the binary representation of the netmask:

>>> netmask = ''
>>> sum(bin(int(x)).count('1') for x in netmask.split('.'))
  • Could the reverse i.e. cidr to netmask be done in a one liner? – Bilal Baqar May 26 '17 at 15:48
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    @Bilal check this post. TLDR: netmask = '.'.join([str((0xffffffff << (32 - prefix) >> i) & 0xff) for i in [24, 16, 8, 0]]) – Eugene Yarmash May 26 '17 at 15:54
>>> IPNetwork('').prefixlen

Use the following function. it is fast, reliable, and don't use any library.

# code to convert netmask ip to cidr number
def netmask_to_cidr(netmask):
    :param netmask: netmask ip addr (eg:
    :return: equivalent cidr number to given netmask ip (eg: 24)
    return sum([bin(int(x)).count('1') for x in netmask.split('.')])

How about this one? It does not need any additional library as well.

def translate_netmask_cidr(netmask):
    Translate IP netmask to CIDR notation.
    :param netmask:
    :return: CIDR netmask as string
    netmask_octets = netmask.split('.')
    negative_offset = 0

    for octet in reversed(netmask_octets):
        binary = format(int(octet), '08b')
        for char in reversed(binary):
            if char == '1':
            negative_offset += 1

    return '/{0}'.format(32-negative_offset)

It is in some ways similar to IAmSurajBobade's approach but instead does the lookup reversed. It represents the way I would do the conversion manually by pen and paper.


As of Python 3.5:

ip4 = ipaddress.IPv4Network((0,''))

will print:


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