I have the latest Docker for Mac installed, and I'm running into a problem where it appears that docker-compose up is stuck in a Downloading state for one of the containers:

± |master ✗| → docker-compose up --build
Pulling container (repo.io/company/container:prod)...
prod: Pulling from company/container
somehash: Already exists
somehash: Already exists
somehash: Already exists
somehash: Already exists
somehash: Pulling fs layer
somehash: Already exists
somehash: Already exists
somehash: Downloading [=================================================> ] 234.6 MB/239.3 MB
somehash: Download complete
somehash: Download complete

^^ this is literally what it looks like on my command line. Stopping and starting hasn't helped, it immediately outputs this same output.

I've tried to rm the container but I guess it doesn't yet exist, it returns the output No stopped containers. --force-recreate also gets stuck in the same place. And perhaps I'm not googling for the right terminology but I haven't found anything useful to try - any pointers?


I just needed to restart Docker.

Linux users can use sudo service docker restart.

Docker for Mac has a handy button for this in the Docker widget in the OS X toolbar: Docker for Mac in the OS X toolbar with restart button

If you happen to be using Docker Toolkit try docker-machine restart.

  • It works! Almost pulled my hair on this. Thanks Hannele – Quirino Gervacio Feb 13 at 9:39

I had the similar situation this morning where my network suddenly went down and I was forced to power cycle the modern, while docker-compose was still in the middle of downloading stuff from docker hub.

Yes, bouncing the docker daemon process seems to resolve this.

For Linux users - do sudo service docker restart to fix it.

  • "Bouncing the docker daemon" - I'm using Docker for Mac, I guess this would be the same as hitting the restart button? – Hannele Oct 2 '16 at 20:52
  • @Hannele - yes correct because when we restart our machine, essentially the operating system would kill/shutdown all running processes (including the docker daemon proc) before starting the OS again. – Samuel Toh Oct 3 '16 at 2:32
  • Ah apologies - I meant the restart button in the Docker widget - but I think this still applies :) – Hannele Oct 3 '16 at 16:34

I'm running OSX and restarting Docker for Mac didn't help. Neither did a full restart or upgrading VirtualBox. What did work was turning my wifi interface on and off every time it got stuck. I had to do this repeatedly, but it eventually downloaded the entire image.


I had a similar problem on docker for windows for a couple of days and when I tried to connect to the virtual machine (via Hyper-V Manager) the downloads started speeding along. I have no idea why but it worked for me...


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