I'm in the process of trying to update a very old server that was running subversion client version 1.6 to something newer and I'm running into a strange error message. I've google around but haven't found anything that clarifies it. Does anyone know what I can do to deal with a directory in my repository that is a Subversion External?

After I install a more recent version of the subversion client (on debian, FWIW) and run "svn upgrade" it fails with:

svn: warning: W205011: Error handling externals definition for 'conf/some_dir':
svn: warning: W155019: Can't upgrade '/home/myhome/svn/the_project/conf/some_dir' as it is not a working copy root

What is one supposed to do to fix this?

Answering my own question in case it's helpful to anyone else.

In my case what had happened was that the conf/some_dir directory had been defined via svn:externals but someone had thereafter somehow added it as a direct local member of the repository. In effect the svn:externals definition was overshadowed by the local child. This meant that some operations would operate normally, things like update, commit, etc. Other operations though would come across the svn:externals definition and become very confused.

I resolved this by trying to get the repo to a state where it only had the local child directory. This by renaming the local directory in the repository (on the server!) and removing the svn:externals property on the working copy, updating, then re-naming the directory back to its original name:

cd ~/svn/the_project
svn propdel svn:externals .
svn mv svn+ssh://my-repo-server/the_project-repo/conf/some_dir svn+ssh://my-repo-server/the_project-repo/conf/some_dir-temp
svn update .
svn mv svn+ssh://my-repo-server/the_project-repo/conf/some_dir-temp svn+ssh://my-repo-server/the_project-repo/conf/some_dir

Painful but resolved it. YMMV

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