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I have the following simple method within my Java Application:

Method I wish to test:

 public void showOutputOfIdentifications(int age) {


        LOGGER.info("Over 25");


        LOGGER.info("25 or Under");


How can I test this method to ensure it is logging what it should if a value is over/under 25?

For reference: I am currently using the Junit framework with Mockito. My logger is slf4j.

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Provided LOGGER is an object, the classic way is to replace it with a mock. Mockito is a well known mock library, but other are around, just pick one. With mockito, it could look like:

LOGGER_mock = mock(LoggerClass.class);
// inject LOGGER_mock into class to test, eventually use reflection to change
//  a private attribute

verify(LOGGER_mock).info("25 or Under");

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