I am using docker 1.11, I run a container like:

sudo docker run -it --rm --cpu-shares 4 zeroboh/stress --cpu 2

I want to change cpu-shares's value while docker container keeps running. Is there any method to do so?

I tried to edit file /sys/fs/cgroup/cpu/docker/[containerID]/cpu.shares with VIM, but failed for "Fsync failed". It means I can't modify cgroup file directly?


I think docker update is the way to go. Could look like this (taken from referenced documentation)
$ docker update --cpu-shares 512 abebf7571666

  • Wow, thanks! It works! – h22q Jun 30 '16 at 5:33

You can do this:

echo 4 > /sys/fs/cgroup/cpu/docker/${ContainerID}/cpu.shares

instead of directly using vim.

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