I've seen plenty of examples around the internet on how to add a button or group etc. to the Ribbon, but no reference to an XML Schema document that will explain exactly what all my options are for writing the XML for my own custom ribbon tabs and groups. Does anyone have a link for this?

Cheers, Dave --Trindaz on Fedang #office-2010-customization

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It was unclear where Office2010FluentUISchema.exe was installing the schema (after accepting the EULA, the installer flashed up some dialogs so quickly that I was unable to read them) so I observed it via Procmon and found that the schema got installed to a top-level directory called 'Office 2010 Developer Resources'

C:\Office 2010 Developer Resources\Schemas>md5sum customui14.xsd e201ed5204216fbe8e84e45c884d2adc *customui14.xsd

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In case you only need the customui14.xsd, then you can just unzip (e.g. with 7zip) the Office2010FluentUISchema.exe (twice) and there you are.


The schema is here and the control identifiers are here.


http://pschmid.net/office2007/download/customUI.xsd is the closest I got so far

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