I am new to using the Symfony2 framework. I've worked a little with the Laravel framework previously and it has an index.php file in the public folder, which is the main entry point to the app. But I'm not sure where a similar index.php file in a Symfony framework project is to be found - does Symfony have something similar?


There is no index.php file in Symfony framework distribution. But it has two files by default which works as a main file of the Framework.

They are app.php and app_dev.php, where app.php is a production environment's main page and app_dev.php is main page for development environment.
Though they are called front controllers.

app.php and app_dev.php files are in the web/ directory. These are the very first PHP scripts executed when a request is processed.

Reference: http://symfony.com/doc/current/cookbook/configuration/front_controllers_and_kernel.html

Note: This is true for Symfony 2/3 folder structure.

Symfony 4 Updates:

In Symfony 4 index.php file is in public/ folder. Unlike Symfony 2/3 the environment is decided from .env file of the root folder. In .env file we've APP_ENV parameter which decides the env of application.

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    This is now out-of-date and incorrect with the Symfony 4.x/5.x "Flex" structure. Feb 2 '20 at 16:28

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