I tried to create a new environment for anaconda installation that I want to tweak apart from the original install. I found this not working:

$ conda env create --name pandas018numpy111 pandas018test1
Using Anaconda Cloud api site https://api.anaconda.org
Error: Invalid name, try the format: user/package
pandas018test1 does not exist or can't be accessed
environment.yml file not found
There is no requirements.txt

What is wrong here?

What I wanted to accomplish was to create the copy of the original environment, add some modules for testing around, then toss away the test environment (pandas018numpy111).

  • conda env create --name pandas018numpy111 pandas018test1 what is pandas018test1 doing here? Can you explain a little bit what this command is supposed to do? – cel Jun 30 '16 at 17:08

Ah, I found the answer.

What I need is the conda create command, actually,

$ conda create -n pandas018numpy111 --clone root

Then I have the throw-away environment to modify, etc and later just toss. To switch then I will just use:

$ source activate pandas018numpy111

and to exit from this environment,

$ source deactivate

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