I use featherlight to open a image upload/resize/cropping page via an iFrame.

I would like to call the closeTrigger as soon as the user hits save (within the iFrame) so that they don't need to close it manually

I'm a bit confused about this. I've checked the min.js but couldn't find anything, and I also didn't find the Javascript action tied to the closing button...

Any ideas?


This also works: parent.window.$.featherlight.current().close();

  • great short approach, I like it... thank you and sorry for the missing feedback.. nevertheless I prefer to mark the other answer as accepted because it offers more flexibility to do some pre- or post processing on the parent frame... – Canelo Digital Jan 9 '18 at 1:23

I found an answer here How do I remove iframe within itself by using javascript

iFrame (after eveything is done):

<script>parent.window.postMessage("closetheiframe", "*");</script>


function receiveMessage(event){
   if (event.data=="closetheiframe"){
  var current = $.featherlight.current();
 window.addEventListener("message", receiveMessage, false);

theoretically, if featherlight.current works fine, this would help me also on a page, where I use different iFrames to be opened and closed (not at the same time though)

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