I would like to have cmake manage the inclusion of the "-std=c++14" compiler flag. This is easy to do using the CMAKE_CXX_STANDARD as described here. This boils down to including the following:


However, when using gcc, this results in the inclusion of "-std=gnu++14" which includes some non-standard features. Is there a way to have cmake invoke the "-std=c++14" compiler flag when using CMAKE_CXX_STANDARD instead of "-std=gnu++14"?

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You can use the property CXX_EXTENSIONS or the global variable CMAKE_CXX_EXTENSIONS to switch between -std=c++1n and -std=gnu++1n.


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    That does it...and wow...it is on the cmake documentation page right before CMAKE_CXX_STANDARD. I would have thought that one of the many searches I did would have uncovered that these flags are related. Anyways, thanks for the right answer!
    – doc07b5
    Jul 1, 2016 at 6:30

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