I am writing an Jenkins pipeline script and try to call a plugin what is in a normal job configuration configured under "build".

Plugin: https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Parameter+Pool+Plugin

I tried calling it via:

step([$class: 'ParameterPool', projects: '123', name: 'ID', values: '1, 2, 3, '])

But its not working.

Calling other plugins like:

step([$class: 'LogParserPublisher', parsingRulesPath: '/opt/log_minimal_parser', useProjectRule: false])

works just fine.

How I can call a random plugin in pipeline script?


You cannot call any random plugin from a pipeline, instead you can only call plugins that have been made compatible with pipelines, which is the use of a newer API.

Your second plugin has been made compatible with pipeline, the first one just hasn't yet ! You can find a full list of compatible plugins here : Plugin Compatibility with Pipeline

  • I was exactly looking for the list of "Plugin Compatibility with Pipeline". Thank you! – Bruno Bieri Nov 10 '16 at 13:39

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