So there is a lot out there about creating anchors in markdown, and creating internal table-of-contents-type anchors in a notebook. What I need though is the ability to access an anchor in my notebook on Github from an external source, e.g.:


I've got a number of interactive tutorials hosted this way, and a single manual that I want to be able to link to sections of the notebooks for. I can add the anchor tags into markdown cells just fine, using:

<a id='thiscell'></a> 

but when I try using the link as I wrote above, it just loads the notebook at the top, as if there was no reference to an anchor.

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    Probably this has to do with the fact that github is rendering the notebook for you, and that intermediate step is the responsible of you losing the "anchor-capabilities". I tried using name instead of id, as explained in this post but the result was the same. – Albert Camps Jul 26 '16 at 7:32

I had the same problem. As a workaround, I have delegated the rendering of my notebook to http://nbviewer.jupyter.org. It's just a matter of providing its GitHub public url and clicking Go!

Of course, the internal links still don't work under GitHub, but I have now a functioning notebook somewhere on the web, which is what I actually wanted in the first place.

I hope this applies to your case too.

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