Need help on below coding. However I got few running no, when I press edit button it only show running no '1', other running no like 2 or 3 also showing running no 1 when i press edit on the row 2 and row 3. I got a problem in index.php file:



                    $rb = $connect->Execute("SELECT * FROM IT_Dept.dbo.testingHeader A LEFT JOIN IT_Dept.dbo.testingDetail B 
                    ON A.invoiceno=B.invoiceno_dt
                    WHERE A.invoiceno = '".$search."'");


                                     $invoiceno = $rb->Fields("invoiceno");
                                     $company = $rb->Fields("company");
                                     $custname = $rb->Fields("custname");

                                    $newadd=str_replace("<br />","\n",$custadd);
                                    //table details




    echo "<form id= 'form2' method='post'><table id='tabledesc' border=1>
                                <th>Description </th>
                                <th >Unit Price(Before GST)</th>
                                <th>Total(Before GST)</th>
                                <th  >*Total GST</th>
                                <th  >Amount(RM)</th> 
                                <th  >Tax input/output</th>
                                <th  >Debit Acc</th>


    while(!$rb->EOF) {

     $description = $rb->Fields("description");
                                      $invoiceno_dt = $rb->Fields("invoiceno_dt");
                                      $runningno = $rb->Fields("runningno");
                                      $qty = $rb->Fields("qty");
                                       $unitprice = $rb->Fields("unitprice");
                                         $totalb4gst = $rb->Fields("totalb4gst");
                                         $gst = $rb->Fields("gst");
                                          $amount = $rb->Fields("amount");

                                      $description = $description->value;
                                    $invoiceno_dt = $invoiceno_dt->value;
                                    $runningno = $runningno->value;
                                    $qty = $qty->value;
                                    $unitprice = $unitprice->value;
                                    $totalb4gst = $totalb4gst->value;
                                    $gst = $gst->value;
                                    $amount = $amount->value;                               

    echo "<tr><td>".$description."</td>";
    echo "<td>".$qty."</td>";

    echo "<td>".$unitprice."</td>";
    echo "<td>".$totalb4gst."</td>";
    echo "<td>".$gst."</td>";
    echo "<td>".$amount."</td>";

    echo "<input type='hidden' name = 'runningno' id='runningno' value = ' $runningno ' >";

    echo "<td><button onclick='openedit()'>Edit</button></td>";

    echo "<td><button onclick='opendelete()'>Delete</button></td>";





    <script type="text/javascript">

        var popup;

         function openedit() {

             var myinvoice = document.getElementById("invoiceno").value;

              var no = <?php echo $runningno; ?>;

            popup ="edit.php?invoiceno="+myinvoice+'&runningno='+no, "Popup", "width=500,height=600");





  • Shouldn't the echos be contained in <?php ?> blocks? – apokryfos Jul 1 '16 at 9:40
  • 1
    Hi, ya it is with php block. here are only some portion of my code. – Jazlyn Jul 1 '16 at 9:47
  • 1
    I don't understand at all what are you saying – MuthaFury Jul 1 '16 at 9:49
  • 1
    and please note that id <--- must be unique. You must not have same id – MuthaFury Jul 1 '16 at 9:51
  • runningno should be $runningno in second echo – undefined_variable Jul 1 '16 at 9:51

You could add the running number to the page for example by doing this:

<script type="text/javascript">
    var no = <?php echo $runningNo; ?>;
  • The OP has indicated that they have multiple buttons which should each have a different running number. A global variable is definitely not the solution. – Quentin Jul 1 '16 at 9:53
  • Hi , after i change the code it can pass the value, but same running no for record 1 and record 2. do i need to create loop for it? so it can loop all the data inside database? – Jazlyn Jul 1 '16 at 10:27
  • hi @Quentin, do u know how to pass different running no? – Jazlyn Jul 1 '16 at 10:33

Try this.

echo "<td><button onclick=\"openedit('{$runningno}')\">Edit</button></td>";

Apart from that, you better to remove the spaces in value attribute in input field.

echo "<input type='hidden' name='runningno' id='runningno' value ='$runningno' />";
  • Hi, it can pass the value edy. but cant loop thru all the data inside database. it can only loop the 1st one. eg: i have different record with different runningno. but when i click button on second record it running no also show one only. – Jazlyn Jul 1 '16 at 10:30

Use as suggested for template files

<!-- HTML code is here -->    
<input type='hidden' name = 'runningno' id='runningno' value = '<?php print $runningno; ?>'></input>
<!-- Some other html -->

//your php code here
<!-- HTML again -->

Same for js inside html

<script type="text/javascript">
  var testJsValue = "<?php print $ValueFromPHP; ?>";
  • Hi, i have uploaded a full version of code. when i press record 1 and record 2 it also show runningno 2. Do i need to create a array or loop for it? so it can loop thru all row of my data.? – Jazlyn Jul 1 '16 at 10:24

Try this

echo '<td><button onclick="openedit(\''.$runningno.'\')">Edit</button></td>';

I think this code will be work properly.

  • Hi, it can pass in only the same row value. eg: the runningno always show value ="1", but inside database i have value 2,3 also – Jazlyn Jul 1 '16 at 13:14
  • You can add javascript auto increment value. I add this for you var value;var no = yourcomeingrequestvalue;var value = parseInt(no 10);value = isNaN(value) ? 0 : value;value++; example hr.send("rdid="+value); then you can send value – Suman Dey Jul 1 '16 at 13:24

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