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Im building an app using android studio and i want to add PullToRefresh feature to my list view. I found https://github.com/chrisbanes/Android-PullToRefresh which is a written project to do PullToRefresh. The problem is that i dont know how to add it to my project.

I tried adding the repository to my build.gradle but it didnt work.

can someone help me and tell me what should i do?

Thank You.

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This is a very old library, do not use it.

Instead use SwipeRefreshLayout from support library.

Check this SwipeRefreshLayout with ListView done right.


There is no Dependency provided.

So you need to download the zip file from that link, then extract it and copy the "Library" folder and paste it in your Application folder

i.e. if your App name is "HelloWorldDemo" then paste "Library" folder in "HelloWorldDemo"(HelloWorldDemo/Library).

After this process open your project in android studio, "Library" module will show up in your project. Then, you need to add it to Application as a library dependency and then follow this instruction :

In your Module Settings:

1) Select your Application module

2) Select the Dependencies tab on the right

3) Click the '+' icon on the bottom

4) Select Module Dependency

5) Select your desired library module (Library Folder)

Check this links for ref :

1) AndroidStudio - Module Dependencies in Gradle

2) How do I add a library project to Android Studio?

Hope it will help :)

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