I have created one link on different page (Delete). After that, I wrote following code to execute the query, but somehow it's showing the 'success' message, but it's not deleting particular record from database... Any suggestions?

             $sql = "DELETE FROM driver_info where id=$id";
                  echo $sql;
                    if(!$sql ) {
                                  echo '<script language="javascript">';
            echo 'alert("something went Wrong...:(((("); location.href="user-profile.php"';
            echo '</script>';
                       echstrong texto '<script language="javascript">';
            echo 'alert("successfully Deleted!!!"); location.href="user-profile.php"';
            echo '</script>';

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You are never executing the query you are just storing the query string in $sql. You should first execute the query with


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    Thanks!.... it works!!! – Rkboss Jul 1 '16 at 12:53

somehow it showing 'success' message but its not deleting

Because you are only echoing the query. Stop using mysql_*, instead do it with mysqli, and use mysqli_query.


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