Apologies if this seem trivial.

I have been working on my first android app and would like advise on best way to implement a loading/splash screen attached.

My designer came up with is loading/splash screen and I am not sure how to implement this.

  1. Do I ask designer to create a .gif image I can just play or
  2. Do I code this in app in such as way that, the progress bar and bike moves from left to right and on completion of a task (remote async task), I manually push to 100% and the image to far right indicating completion.

Please note that the bike starts from left and continues to the right with progress indicator and %.

Is option 2 even possible and if yes, could you please point me to any resource I can use as a guide.

loading startup image



Generally a ProgressBar is used for purposes like this but I think, you should use a Seekbar cuz of the biker you've in your image. You can achieve this by customising it using different drawables.

Here are some helpful tutorials to help you do that :


You can obviously use a custom ProgressBar as described here :

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    I am finding the seekbar helpful, Will let you know how it goes. Thanks – Babajide Prince Jul 1 '16 at 13:54

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