Is it possible in Gitlab to have source controlled markdown that contains a link to an artifact?

My runner generates metrics that are saved to a file. This output, of course, does not belong in version control. If it was in version control, I could just link to it, no problem. Instead, I mark the output as an artifact so that it is saved after the build is complete.

Currently, our devs can click the [passed] icon for the build that generates the metrics, then click 'Build Artifacts'|'Browse'|dir1|... down to the generated output metric. This is complicated, and you have to know exactly where to look.

It would be way more convenient to have a link to the artifact in the README.md.

These docs say that I can choose to store my artifacts in a different location, but that seems like a heavy solution, and it does not generalize to artifacts from different projects.

These docs say that I can embed build numbers in the artifact filename, but that's not really what I'm after. I just want the artifacts from the most recent build.

What I want is a persistent URL for the artifact, but I am unable to find anything of this nature.

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Update February 2018:

Since Gitlab 8.12, the link is https://gitlabInstance/myNamespace/repository/master/archive.zip. (e.g: https://gitlab.com/rpadovani/my-gitlab-ci/repository/master/archive.zip).

There are also other formats.

You can see all the formats clicking on the little cloud in the top right of the homepage of your project. download link


They are working on it right now.

Since GitLab 8.10, there is an API to do that:

curl -H "PRIVATE-TOKEN: 9koXpg98eAheJpvBs5tK" "https://gitlab.example.com/api/v3/projects/1/builds/artifacts/master/download?job=test"

Unfortunately you still cannot use the web interface, but there is already a MR to implement it (and a related bug with discussion).

After that MR you can link the build in your README


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