I am working on an example about Support Library and Toolbar, this is the code of the layout on the Android documentation


It is the first time I see these ?attr and I have no clue about what they mean or where are these values stored. Are these custom or are they predefined on the Android framework?

Reference: Android Toolbar Documentation


?attr/ references to attributes. Attributes are values specified in your apps theme. Those specific attributes in your example are all values specified in the themes provided by the support library. Android has its own attributes as well and they can be used by ?android:attr/.

For some cases, it is considered good practice to use attribute values instead of values directly as it allows easy customization. For example when you create custom views, you can use ?attr/colorAccent so that the user of the view doesn't have to provide a color, and it is going to use the colorAccent used in the app themes instead.


A style attribute resource allows you to reference the value of an attribute in the currently-applied theme.


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