DOM4 removed attribute nodes. Attr no longer inherits from Node and therefore completely changed. Element methods which retrieved or set attribute nodes were removed.

And attributes was moved from Node to Element. Now its defined as follows:

interface Element : Node {
  [SameObject] readonly attribute NamedNodeMap attributes;

The attributes attribute must return a NamedNodeMap.

But NamedNodeMap is not defined by DOM4! Instead, it links to DOM Level 3 Core, which says its methods should return nodes:

interface NamedNodeMap {
  Node   getNamedItem(in DOMString name);
  Node   setNamedItem(in Node arg) raises(DOMException);
  Node   removeNamedItem(in DOMString name) raises(DOMException);
  Node   item(in unsigned long index);
  readonly attribute unsigned long   length;
  // Introduced in DOM Level 2:
  Node   getNamedItemNS(in DOMString namespaceURI, in DOMString localName)
  // Introduced in DOM Level 2:
  Node   setNamedItemNS(in Node arg) raises(DOMException);
  // Introduced in DOM Level 2:
  Node   removeNamedItemNS(in DOMString namespaceURI, in DOMString localName)

Moreover, in DOM3, NamedNodeMap is a general data structure which could be used for other things than attributes. If attributes worked was because it was defined as such:

Basically, now the NamedNodeMap returned by attributes is no longer defined to contain the attributes, its methods are only defined in an obsolete spec, and are supposed to return nodes, but attributes are no longer nodes.

So, Wow. At this point I have no clue about how attributes is supposed to work.

Is it still supposed to work? If so, how? If not, why wasn't it removed?


It seems the W3C spec is wrong:

You should not read this spec because it's old snapshot of https://dom.spec.whatwg.org/ and contains a mass of gaps.

The WHATWG spec defines it properly.

Elements also have an ordered attribute list exposed through a NamedNodeMap. Unless explicitly given when an element is created, its attribute list is empty. An element has an attribute A if A is in its attribute list.

NamedNodeMap is properly defined in that spec, its methods now return Attr objects:

[Exposed=Window, LegacyUnenumerableNamedProperties]
interface NamedNodeMap {
  readonly attribute unsigned long length;
  getter Attr? item(unsigned long index);
  getter Attr? getNamedItem(DOMString qualifiedName);
  Attr? getNamedItemNS(DOMString? namespace, DOMString localName);
  [CEReactions] Attr? setNamedItem(Attr attr);
  [CEReactions] Attr? setNamedItemNS(Attr attr);
  [CEReactions] Attr removeNamedItem(DOMString qualifiedName);
  [CEReactions] Attr removeNamedItemNS(DOMString? namespace,
                                       DOMString localName);

Then, it makes sense when attributes is defined as

The attributes attribute must return the associated NamedNodeMap.

So yes, attributes is still supposed to work.

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