React documentation states that ajax request should be initiated from componentDidMount lifecycle event (see react docs) .

Why this event?

In most cases, when loading data using ajax, I want to display some kind of loading bar, e.g.:

componentDidMount() {
   this.setState({isLoading: true});
      .then(() => this.setState({isLoading: false})  

but this fires render method 3 times (initial render immediatelly followed by setting isLoading = true and then by isLoading = false

What's wrong about sending ajax request from componentWillMount event?


Well, isLoading: true could be part of the initial state, no need to set it after component did mount => only 2 renderings, not 3.

According to https://github.com/reactjs/react-redux/issues/210, the consequence of calling render only once from componentWillMount means that if setState will be asynchronously called after render, it won't have any effect (if I understand the comments correctly).

Not sure if there is a chance that the callback with setState can execute before render and thus no loading screen will be visible, only the results, thus sometimes it would "work" (most likely in DEV) but in reality it would be a race condition very hard to debug...

See also: https://reactjs.org/docs/faq-ajax.html

  • the issue has been fixed, so setState called from componentWillMount will take effect before render. in the react docs there is still no explanation why ajax calls should be done in componentDidMount – Liero Jul 7 '16 at 7:18
  • well, you are not calling setState from componentWillMount nor componentDidMount directly, but from a new async stack. I have no idea how exactly react is implemented to keep reference to this with live event listeners from various methods. if using undocumented features is not scary enough for you and want a bit of excitement that it might work and maybe even in future versions, then feel free, I don't know whether it will break or not – Aprillion Jul 7 '16 at 8:14

Point is let your react component render with the initial state so that you will see the loading bar (loading: true).

You can move line: this.setState({isLoading: true}) in componentWillMount() . Because setting state in componentWillMount wont trigger a rerender of your component .Your render method will get the updated component.

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