I'm developing a mock server using koajs, and i would like to publish a service which lists developed APIs.

I use koa-router for mouting services.

And i would like somethink like:

var business_router = require('./controllers/router');

  • It's not very clear what your question is. – Andrei Zhytkevich Jul 4 '16 at 17:42
  • To the app they're all just middleware functions, whether they're router middleware (using koa-router) or some other middlewares (error handlers) is only known to you. Still, listing all middlewares app is using probably isn't documented. In express it can be done like this but express had a router of its own. So, this isn't an answer but I hope it helps in some way. I would inspect app to get all middlewares and see if any have a distinct feature to being one of that generated via koa-router – laggingreflex Jul 4 '16 at 18:15

Although I guess it is not part of the official koa-router API, you can do as following:

var app = require('koa')();
var router = require('koa-router')();

router.get('/bar', function*() { this.body = 'Hi'; }});
router.get('/bar/foo', function*() { this.body = 'Hi'; }});
router.get('/foo', function*() { this.body = 'Hi'; }});
router.get('/bar/baz', function*() { this.body = 'Hi'; }});


console.log(router.stack.map(i => i.path));
// ['/bar', '/bar/foo', '/foo', '/bar/baz']

In your case, assuming business_router is an instance of koa-router:

console.log(business_router.stack.map(i => i.path));

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