I'm trying to ensure that my error adorners don't get clipped by my scrollviewer's bounds. I have a series of textboxes that are at the edge of a fixed width scrollviewer (no horizontal scrolling, only vertical). I then have adorners that flag textboxes with errors.

The problem is that the adorners get clipped at the edge of the scrollviewer.

Any ideas?

*Note: I have tried wrapping everything in AdornerDecorator.


Ok so the solution to this problem is the same solution from the question I referenced in my comment above.

You need to retemplate the ScrollViewer and add an AdornerDecorator to the template.

Something to note in general about Adorners ... if I have a problem with them, the solution tends to be wrapping the element in an AdornerDecorator, it's not always going to be the solution, it's worth a first look as it might be.

  • Where did you place the AdornerDecorator? I have tried it in every location I can think of and I am still having the same problem you had. I'm using .NET 3.5 – Simon F May 29 '14 at 22:40

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