With webpack configuration it's possible to specify root of the resolving component:

resolve: {
  root: [ path.join(__dirname, './src/') ],
  extensions: ['', '.js', '.scss']

Now it is possible to import SASS file from ./src/ using tilde:

@import '~variables';

This import path will be resolved as ./src/variables and everything works fine.

However IntelliJ doesn't recognize it properly and reports:

Cannot resolve file '~variables'

Cannot resolve file '~variables'

Is it possible somehow to configure this IDE to add extra resolve path (by default it resolves only from node_modules directory)?


With current version of Webstorm it is possible to set webpack configuration, which will enable recognize path aliases across the project:

here is the answer where I specify how to set it.

It recognize imports inside scss with tildes as well.

It works in my project where I also use webpack aliases and scss imports. enter image description here

It was fixed with this version.

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  • Can you post the alias-part of your webpack config in here as well? – dazlious Aug 7 '18 at 16:16

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