I created a small wrapper class for NSNotification registrations.

public final class EventRegistration<E: AppEvent> {
private(set) var event: E?
private var token: AnyObject?

public init() {}

public init(event: E, token: AnyObject) {
    self.event = event
    self.token = token

public func unregister() {
    if let token = self.token,
       let event = self.event {
    token = nil
    event = nil

public var isRegistered: Bool {
    return token != nil

deinit {

It is a simple enough class. Now I would like to return it from a method on the base class of all my other events. Here is the signature:

public class AppEvent : CustomStringConvertible {
         public func register(notification: (NSNotification! -> Void))->EventRegistration {
    let eventName = self.dynamicType.eventName()

    let token = NSNotificationCenter.defaultCenter().addObserverForName(eventName, object: nil, queue: self.dynamicType.eventQueue(), usingBlock: notification)

    let registration = EventRegistration(event: self, token: token)

    return registration

The question, is what can I put for the return type of register such that I get the correct AppEvent subclass when this method is called on subclass.


class SomeSubClass: AppEvent {}

I would want result.event to be of type SomeSubClass

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